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Geoff Surratt gave me a great formula for making descsions in a e-mail today that I have worked on a little more and will start using….I am sure its not new (because nothing under the sun is) but it just makes sense.

Ask RIC….

Research…do your research on a descision.  Don’t reserch it to death (as Bob Parsons Warns against here), but be educated enough on the issue to make a descision.  As leaders this should mean that we are looking at issues and researching them before there is a descsion to be made so that we are ready when it comes.

  1. What do I know about the history behind this issue?
  2. Who has descided that this descsion needs to be made?
  3. Could they solve the issues – should I hand it back to them?
  4. If I keep it, what else do I need to know?

Inclusionincluding people in the descision is just smart.  Not to "get them on the same page", not for "PR" or "polotics" so that you get a yes, but so that the best descsion can be made. 

  1. Who needs to be be included?
  2. Who does this effect that needs to know?
  3. Can they know after-the-fact or do they need to be a part of the descsion?
  4. If I give this away do I need to still be included?

Concensusthe level of the descsion will depend upon the level of concensus needed.  Each descsion can be put into several categories – 3 for me – that help me make this determination.

Local – This is a small descision that effects my department and can be made in a vaccume. (in other words no one else cares)

Community – This is a medium size descsion that effects several teams and could mean change for people outside my sphere of incluence.  This descsion needs to include represention (in other words no tea parties wanted)

Global – This is a systems wide issue and I really need to have some consenus from key leadership and influencers accross the organization – and maybe even on the outiside to make the call.  (in other words, "You did what with my cheese?")


CultureI would add a second "C", Culture. How does this decision fit within the culture of the organization. If the culture is relaxed do I want to introduce a rigid set of guidelines or if the culture is by-the-book do I want to just let everyone figure it out themselves.

Then – MAKE THE CALL!  Don’t wait, don’t put it off because you want everyone to be on the same page.

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