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I want to keep the hack of the week as simple as possible and would like it to be something very tangible if at all possible.  This weeks is as "non-tangible" as I will probably get, but I think that if really done will help your productivity greatly.


Seems simple, but is one of the hardest hacks to learn.  I must be very honest – I am still working on getting better at this (especially at home).  But when people are talking to you they are usually asking you to help them do something (be productive) and in order to help – you need to:

1.  Shut Up – both externally and internally.  Stop thinking about what you will say next and listen to what the person is saying.

2.  Focus.  Don’t look around (my biggest problem) Focus in on the person and what they are needed and how you can help.

3.  Pop the question.  Instead of giving advice or just appeasing ask a few "why", "how" and "what" questions to help you engage.

This hack can help us all…

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