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Silos, Turf wars and Crisis and calling

Wow, the week is flying by and I am just getting to some posts! 

I read Silos, Politics and Turf Wars: A Leadership Fable About Destroying the Barriers That Turn Colleagues Into Competitors by Lincioni on my trip to Granger Indiana.  This is a must read for anyone who works in any organization of any significant time.

The end result of the book is that a shared crisis (I would even say a shared major project or goal) makes teams work better across their departments and tear down silos.

Rob Wagner, one of the teaching Pastors at Granger Community Church has a great talk on how to bring people into God’s story…but I wrote this down in my notes as I processed his thoughts…

"Every weekend is the 9th inning 2 outs for someone in our church. If they do not get it today it might all be over – Thats a crisis!"

This took me back to why I do what I do.  Then in the way that God does things on Tuesday we had our monthly all-staff meeting with Greg.  He talked about passion and the fact that it is so easy to lose.  Then he shared a few things that we can do to get our fire burning again.  This one resonated:

Remember your calling.  I have to admit that I hate the word calling as I feel like it is so mystical, but then Greg made it real…remember when you chose to do what you do.  Remember when you were asked by God to do what you do.

I was 17 and I had a specific time when I knew that I would spend the rest of my life working for the local church.  I had just recently accepted Christ and he had changed everything about me…everything.  I knew about 3 months later that I would work in the local church vocationally my whole life.  Here is what motivated me:

People will spend eternity from God if we don’t introduce them to Christ.

That was it, seriously.  I never thought about any other reasons.  I did not care if people went deep, I did not care if they had better quiet times – I just knew that people would spend eternity in a real place called hell and that was not cool with God nor me.

As I have processed these two things I am asking myself if that is still my calling and my motivations.  I am a pretty passionate person, but I am not nearly as passionate about the lost as I was when I was 17.  Is it possible that I have become numb to the facts?  Is it possible that I don’t care?  Is it even possible that I just don’t believe the facts anymore? 

So God is shaking me up inside a little.  He is rattling my cage to care more.  I want to be that 17 year old again (less the Christian t-shirts and music boycotting) that loved people getting saved.  I have to – people are depending on it.

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