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Print for Cheap

We have been using a company for our short-run, needed very fast type stuff that is just killer.  Overnightprints.com has become a staple for what we do.  For anything near the 500 pieces mark (most of the time even the 250 piece mark) their prices are better than printing in-house on our copier and beat Kinkos et. al. by a ton!  And their quality is out of this world for the price!

There are a couple of caveats to be aware of…

1.  If you have to ship overnight they are very expensive.  However many times the cost to print is so cheap that it still beats Kinkos price.

2.  They are not for large-run customized size printing.  Make sure that you design your project around the sizes that they prefer.

3.  They are cheap, which means they don’t pay a ton of people to answer the phone.  Be prepared to sit on the phone if you need to talk to them.  But it’s web based so you should not have to talk to them.

It’s a lot easier if you have a communications team that can be the one contact with them because if you have multiple ministries ordering from them it can get confusing…

But after 6 months of using them I feel good about saying "I recommend Overnighprints.com"

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