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Multi-site misperceptions…

**I changed the title to this post from "multi-site haters" as that was a little strong and probably loose words…I am not sure that misperceptions is even a word…but it should be**

I stumbled across yet another multi-site hater blog full of misperceptions.  What bothers me as that these blogs are usually Pastors…something just seems weird about that…

Anyway, here is the link to the original post and the full comment that I left…

The Merge – A multi-site hating post

Shawn Wood said…

Eric, Although your friends argument here is nothing new when I stumbled across this post I just felt compelled to comment.

Its obvious that people who hold these views either have a wrong perception (probably never actually visited a multi-site church) or it comes from some type of spiritual envy…which is totally un-needed as every multi-site church I know of has planted many more churches than campuses (my church Seacoast has planted over 30 churches in the last 4 years and started 8 campuses)

Here are just a few brief thoughts I would hope you would consider…

1. The campus Pastors that bloggers like your friends make seem like blooming idiots just because they do not speak are tremendous leaders and spiritual men that deserve respect. If the fact that a leader does not speak minimizes them, then 99.9% of Christians are minimized.

2. The thousands upon thousands of people (about 4000 at Seacoast) who attend these new campuses outside of the original campuses got saved by a real Jesus and attend a Real church. Bloggers with loose words are talking about Churches that have changed people lives and introduced them to Jesus – they deserve respect.

3. Every multi-site church that I know loves, respects and helps church planters anyway that we can. We put a great deal of resources, give away anything we create (Seacoastallaccess.org and lifechurch’s open site) and want to help churches plant anyway we can. Seacoast is currently helping a church planter plant a church in Mount Pleasant – the same town as our original campus – because we believe we alone can not hold all of the lost people. I would ask bloggers such as your friend to ask this church planter about what an evil church Seacoast is.

I know blogs make people meaner and nastier than they would ever be in person, but I would just ask that all the multi-site haters our there remember that we as staff at multi-site churches are on your team, we are real people at real churches that love Jesus and want to help reach as many people as possible and hope that God uses you and us together to bring people to the real Jesus.

So what do you think?

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