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Why do we have to make it so hard…

I receive an e-mail EVERYDAY from "The American Bible Society"…I have unsubscribed over 30 times…(its not the bible its a Bonhiefer book except)…and yet I receive it everyday.

I get a e-bill from sprint every month that is never the correct amount I owe.  Its always off by a few dollars one way or the other…no reasoning just is…

I get an e-mail every week from projectsatwork.com that I would love to read the article it links to.  I am obviously a member, because they send me the e-mails every week…but when I follow the link I get this:


Why do I have to log-in…something should tell it that I came from THEIR e-mail and it should let me see the article. 

These things just make things harder and take away any niche that the web has as far as user ease – and its frustrating.

I unsubscribed today to the projects@work e-mail because I just don’t want to log-in….

Here is the hard question.  How hard do we make it for people to connect with God and others at our churches?  It’s worth thinking about.

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