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The Excellence Myth

At a team meeting with my staff this week we were asking tough questions about what we do as a department.  A great topic came up that illustrates the excellence myth.

We develop a worship guide (bulletin) each weekend for all of our campuses.  It is a generic guide that each campus can then stuff campus specific information into.  Here are some things that we agreed upon as a team regarding the worship guide.

1.  It is excellent.  It is by far one of the best worship guides in the country.  Our graphic artists are really good and "get it" when it comes to coming up with creative art.  The printer that we use has been making our worship guide for a long time and has found great paper that looks really good.  The entire piece is some smashing collateral!

2.  It is cheap. We have perfected the art of a very creative asset that because of our relationship with printers, our perfecting layout and design and finding the cheapest paper possible we have each worship guide down to 10 cents or less a piece.  For anyone in the Biz you know – that’s dirt cheap.

3.  It is not very effective.  As a team we could not come up with a compelling reason to keep doing the worship guide as we do – outside of – "we need something to stuff the announcements in"…

This is the excellence myth in full play.  If the goal is excellence you can be meeting the goal for years and not realize that effectiveness has left the building.

So now we are asking – what would be effective in replacing the Worship Guide…keeping all of the great things that the worship guide brings (it makes our campuses look like a million bucks and reminds people of the series)…but also be effective in reaching our mission: "To Help People Become Fully-devoted to Christ"

Are there any things that you are doing excellently with no effectiveness?  Its a hard but necessary question we must all ask if we want to reach mission.

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