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Elevated Experience

I had the honor of speaking at elevation church this past weekend for my friend Steven Furtick.

Elevation started in Charlotte, NC  in 2006 and is rocking over 2000 people a weekend (during the summer) and most importantly reaching people for Jesus.

It was an amazing time for me to be able to speak Steven,…I just hope next weeks attendace doesn’t dip because of it  🙂

I learned a couple of things from elevation this weekend that really stood out to me:

1. Never let it get old hat. These guys are young and wild as a church but you can tell that every new person matters to them. That was cool.

2. Honor your Pastor. These guys love and honor their Pastor. They do not worship him in some weird, “he is perfect” way – but you can tell that they believe in him and his vision.

3. Treat guest speakers like they are a King. Seriously I felt like royalty. The people were on their feet cheering like a rock-star was coming on stage as I walked out. That can help you get pumped up for 3 services back-to-back.

4. Be effective. Elevation church does things with excellence, but you can tell it is not for the show, its truly to be effective.

I am honored that Seacoast has had the opportunity to meet with Steven and his staff. I am honored to be a part of a Church of 8000 people where our Senior Staff was willing to meet with Elevation when they were not “in the news” just because Greg believes in church plants.


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