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Giving Thanks

The older that I get the more I realize how thankful I am for my life.

First, I am thankful to Jesus for choosing to save me in spite of the fact that I am not worthy of being saved.  The longer I walk after Jesus the more I realize that I am the chief of all sinners and that the cross is not a reflection of my value but a reminder of my need for a savior.

Second, I am thankful for my wife Connie.  I have had the opportunity to spend the last 16 years with my best friend and grow to love her more every day. Her love is yet another reflection of Jesus’ love for both of us as we are able to love one another in spite of the fact that we are both unlovable.  I can not imagine life without her – she is Brady!

Third,  I am thankful for my daughter Isabelle.  She is a blessing from God and teaches me more about myself and Jesus everyday as I watch her grow and learn.  I am thankful that God chose to bless Connie and I with Isabelle and have become very flexible as she has wrapped me around her little finger.

Fourth, to Seacoast Church.   I am thankful to Greg and Debbie and their vision and commitment, to my boss and friend Geoff for his leadership in my life, to my team members Ashely, Brad, Lori, Marty, Nate and Zach for allowing me to lead and to the member of Seacoast Church who give generously of their resources and their lives to allow me to be a small part of what God is doing.

Last, to my new friends at my publishing house.  You know who you are but we cant publically thank you yet.   I will be even more thankful when we can 🙂  You guys are helping my dream come true and I am truly thankful.

I could go on and on with the real life friends I have met this year and the people like Kem, Dawn, Terry, Brad, Bobby, Keith, Steven and Anne and so many more that have helped me a ton in ministry this year as well as all of my Facebook friends that I have yet to meet but am enjoying getting to know virtually.

2007 has been a cool year.  I am blown away by God’s Grace!  I am gearing up for 08!


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