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3 things I learned from…being a Gamecocks fan

I have been a Gamecock fan my entire life. I am a die-hard, never-give-up, believe-until-the-very-end, pull-against-the-clemson-tigers-every-week fan.

I have learned three very important things while being a fan all these years.

1. Alway remember your pre-season expectations.
This year has been a great example of this principle. My pre-season expectations would have been to be 7-4 going into the Clemson game. I also expected Clemson to be in the top ten at this point of the season and thought that we would have a lot of trouble with in a loss to them and go to a mediocre bowl 7-5, winning it and ending the season 8-5. Then in October we got excited and ranked #6 in the country. I forgot my expectations. I got excited and all worked up only to be disappointed.

I wonder if I ever set goals for myself and then forget the pre-season expectations and end up dissappointed,

2. Don’t take small things too seriously.
I very wide wise (sorry Bobby) friend of mine who has been a Gamecock fan 30 years or so longer than I have gave me some great advise as we rode home from a heart-breaking defeat to Auburn last year, “I don’t let the way 22 college kids play a game determine my happiness”. He has fun at the games, loves the gamecocks and leaves with a smile win or loose.

I catch myself every now and then during worship stressing over the fact that the projectionist may be a second behind or squirming in my seat because a transition did not go perfect…I need to learn to chill.

3. Recruiting is everything.
The Gamecocks are 3 or 4 positions away from being a real contender in the SEC. (which by the way is definitely the toughest football conference in the country from top to bottom maybe even including the NFC WEST) If we ever get there will depend on recruitment of team members.

It all boils down to volunteer and staff recruitment.


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