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A very Good Year

2007 is coming to an end in just a few hours and thought I would take just a few minutes to reflect on a great year of God’s blessings.

–  In January my wife and I set a goal being healthier and losing weight.  We have done both and kept it up during the whole year…I actually got my money’s worth out of a full-years gym membership!

– My wife and I start our 13th year of marraige in 2008.  We dated for 4 years so we are starting our 17th year of being best friends…that’s pretty cool!  She is my number one girl.

– Isabelle is my girl.  If you are a dad of a little girl you will know how absolutely head-over-heals in love I am with her!

–  Seacoast Church is a GREAT place to work…recently voted the 5th most innovative church in America yes, but also a lot of fun, grace and people who truly love Jesus!

–  I have a contract from Abingdon Press to write a book called “200 Pomegranates and Audience of One” on  my kitchen counter that I plan on signing at 11:59 am tonight as a great ending to a great year!

2008 is looking like a really good year.  Praise God and thank you Jesus for allowing me to ride this ride!


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