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Bits of Pomegranate #2

I am taking a few posts to give little bits of pomegranate to you.  You can see the first post here.  One characteristic that seperates people who carve pomegranates is the abaility to Narrow the focus of your life.  Here is a little bit from chapter one…

“Huram was able to narrow the focus of his life.  He concentrated.  He lived in the sweet spot of the skills, abilities, and opportunities that God had given him.  What does this look like?  It looks like an administrative assistant who knows that her strength is supporting her leadership and making them look like a million bucks rather than finding ways to improve her image.  It looks like a high school football coach who knows that encouraging young boys to become young men is far more important than just winning.  It looks like a mother, who despite a plethora of professional opportunities, knows that the eighteen years of painting on this canvas called her daughter is time well spent”   (page 28)


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