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You just are not very good. Accept it. Move on.

My wife and I took Isabelle bowling for the first time Saturday.

We knew that an almost three-year old would not last very long at a bowling ally, but with the smoking ban in Mount Pleasant we figured this could be a very cool family outing.

When we arrived to the ally Isabelle and I both got us some clown shoes, picked out some bowling balls (8lbs for Izzy and 15 for Daddy) and went straight to our lane.

When we arrived at our lane there was a couple bowling beside us who were taking there game pretty seriously.  They had their own bowling balls, their own shoes, and they would hold their fingers over the little air vents in-between bowls.  They were serious.  Isabelle and I were not.

They were a few frames ahead of us and I noticed as they finished that between the two of them they had scored a 283.  Not too shabby I guessed.  But being the competitve guy that I am I decided that Isabelle and I should give beating them a go.

So Isabelle would take her ball and with Daddy’s help swing it as hard as she could right down the middle.  the eight pound ball would ease down the lane and strike the pins at the speed of drool.  She bowled three strikes and she bowled a 124.  He daddy, who has not bowled in five years, slung the ball as hard as he could down the lane and got lucky a few time.  I bowled a 162.  If you add those up that is a 286.  

Yes, that is correct we beat the very serious couple. 

I learned something from this.  There are just some things that no matter how hard you try, no matter what equipement you buy and no matter how much you practice, you wil just never be good at it.  Accept it.  Move on.  Concentrate on things you are good at.

And I also learned that Izzy may just have a chance as a proffessional bowler.


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