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It’s messy, It’s painful and someone has to take home the baby

I just wrote the following statement in an e-mail to some folks on my team at Seacoast.

“What we have seen here is the birth process of a solution.  It’s messy, it’s painful and at the end of the day somebody has to take the baby home with them…”

Solutions to problems are like babies, we all want one but they rarely just show up.

1.  It often takes time.  Solutions that come to easy and can be quickly implimented are awesome, they are the low-hanging fruit.  But the truth is most problems came at the hands of years of neglect or have been caused by a total change in the way the world works.  It just takes some time to concieve, grow and birth a great solution.  I often rush and try and deliver a solution before it is viable.

2.  It might be better (and faster) to adopt.  Some friends of mine got called about six-months ago and literally had a baby three weeks later.  No mess, no pain.  Just a quick solution that is a huge blessing.  I wonder how many times we try to concieve our own solution when we could adopt one that has already been born?

3.  It’s Messy, but it’s worth it.  If great solutions were easy everyone would do it just like if birth was easy men would have been able to do it.  nuff said. 

4. Conception is more fun than Birth in my opinion.  I like the intial stage of an idea much more than the long drawn out discussion, planning and execution that it takes to get to a real solution.  Anyone can make a baby – it takes time to raise one.

5.  Someone has to take the baby home.  No matter how great the solution someone has to own it.  Its better to decide who gets to take it home before conception I have found.  When my little girl started pooping every ten minutes and crying in-between I did not care, she was mine.  If you don’t own the solution you might be temoted to give it away when it poops on you. 



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