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Top 15 twittering pastors according to grader…

I have taken this post down.

If you would like to see the results for yourself go to:


go to search tab

put in “Pastor”

and you will see the top twittering pastors according to grader.twitter.com

have fun.


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10 Responses

  1. shawnsblogspot says:

    three from Seacoast. Just sayin.

  2. I think your list may be a bit off. Perry Noble and Tony Morgan both have 99.9’s.

  3. wvpv says:

    what, no Perry Noble?

  4. Andy Rowell says:

    Other nominees:
    http://twitter.com/pagitt Doug Pagitt, emerging church writer and pastor of Solomon’s Porch in Minn.
    http://twitter.com/DanKimball Dan Kimball, evangelical writer and leader of Vintage Faith Church in Calif.
    http://twitter.com/PastorMark Mark Driscoll, Reformed writer and pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle
    http://twitter.com/perrynoble Perry Noble, pastor at NewSpring in SC
    http://twitter.com/tpmorgan Tony Morgan, at Perry Noble’s church NewSpring

    Though, I would mention that few pastors actually Twitter much about church leadership issues. You can get more of that from their blogs and books.

    I would also nominate some people who write on Church Leadership issues but are theologians and writers rather than pastors.:
    http://twitter.com/ahc Andy Crouch, writer
    http://twitter.com/edstetzer Ed Stetzer, writer
    http://twitter.com/donmilleris Donald Miller, writer
    http://twitter.com/jonestony Tony Jones, writer
    http://twitter.com/FrankViola Frank Viola, writer
    http://twitter.com/easum Bill Easum, writer and consultant
    http://twitter.com/lensweet Len Sweet, professor and writer
    http://twitter.com/cameronstrang Cameron Strang, Relevant Magazine editor
    http://twitter.com/tallskinnykiwi Andrew Jones, blogger
    http://twitter.com/OutOfUr Leadership Journal’s blog

    Again though I would not look for that much help about pastoring from Twitter. Again, look to their blogs and books for their real meat. Probably Sweet gives the most quality content on Twitter.

    all the best

    Andy Rowell
    Th.D. Student
    Duke Divinity School
    Blog: http://www.andyrowell.net/
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/AndyRowell

  5. Chris Elrod says:

    Not necessarily to toot my own horn…BUT…I have a 99.2% rating…that puts me in the Top 10. Also…hard to believe that Perry Noble or Tony Morgan didn’t make the list. No offense…but your list is SERIOUSLY flawed.

  6. nice.
    i’m number 23!

  7. djchuang says:

    When I searched today, it’s got Shawn Wood coming in at #25 http://twitpic.com/m8dv

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