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10 Commandments of a weekend Experience – three

Commandment #3 – Thou shalt be in the light as he is in the light.
Two parts to this commandment.
First, If you are on stage, make sure you are in the light.

Second, make sure that your auditorium has enough light in it that a 50 year old can read the note sheet. During worship light sets a mood and dark can be effective.  When you are on stage speaking it helps people see you and take you seriously – when you are out of the light it is a major distraction.  When our auditoriums are too dark during speaking they feel like a movie theater.  When people feel like they are in a movie theater they become spectators and not participators.


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One Response

  1. Heath says:

    What do you do if everytime your mom goes on stage she says how bright the lights are? And then walks out of the lights 🙂


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