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10 Commandments of a weekend Experience – Seven

Commandment #7 – Thou shalt pray for the best, plan for the probable  and prepare for the worst.
This may be the only worship experience someone in the audience comes to.  I know it’s one of 52 (or 52 x amount of experiences) you will do this year, but it is the most important day one someones life.  Start this by praying for God’s best over the service and giving him the right to change things.  Then plan for what is probable.  A mic battery will probably go out – how often are you changing them?  A volunteer tech person will probably call in sick during January/February every week, who is the back up?  Then prepare for the worst.  A mic could go out completely.  Where is the back-up mic kept on stage.  video playback could go down  – do you have a backup in place?  We have to pray, plan and prepare every weekend.  There are no off weekends!


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