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10 Commandments of a weekend Experience – Eight

Commandment #8 – Thou Shalt communicate with all your team before, during and after each service.
Changes will happen.  We have to be flexible.  We have to communicate the changes.  Before each experience have all team leaders and major stakeholders involved in the weekend service  gather for a experience run through so there are no surprises.  During each experience when the need arrives have a method of communicating anything that needs addressing.  After each experience talk through what worked, what needs to change and who will carry out that change.  Assume nothing and communicate everything.


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One Response

  1. Dennis Wells says:

    Hey Shawn:

    I have really enjoyed your Ten Commandments. Having been through the church planting process three times, I echo these “must do’s”.

    Quick question: What is “suring”? Is that some kind of Long Point jargon and we need some retraining. Just asking.
    Be blessed
    D. Wells

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