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3 things I learned from…Florida and Michigan

I love politics. It is one of my hobbies to watch the whole drama unfold.

As I have been following the never-ending battle between the democratic candidates I think there are a few lessons we can learn from Florida and Michigan.

Florida and Michigan changed all of their plans and dates to try and get themselves into what they thought would be a better position of influence. They balked at the rules, they did not listen to their authority and they were “wise in their own eyes”.

Fast-forward six months since their over-zealous and selfish move and if the two states had simply stayed put and done what they had planned they would be the two most important states in the race.

Here are three things we can learn:

1. Don’t Rush. If its a good idea let it simmer, be planned and take root. Then follow the plan. When we rush things we often ruin them.

2. Trust your authority. This is one of the hardest things to do when we feel like the timing is wrong. We think that our authority is out of touch, doesnt know what they are talking about. But often their wisdom and insight is from a bigger view than our view.   Most importantly God says to to obey your authority.

3. Don’t try to change the rules after you rush. Be a man or women and own up to your mistake. Now all of the sudden Florida and Michigan want to play “Calvin ball” and make the rules up as they play to suit themselves. If you are selfish enough to get the rules changed, don’t come back whining about being “disenfranchised”.


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