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Weight Loss Hack

In 2007 as a part of one of my new years revolutions I have…

–  lost about 40 pounds.
–  dropped my body-fat from 35% to 17%
–  dropped my cholesterol from 297 to 211
–  Am running 3.8 miles in 25 minutes 3 times a week
–  Am doing a one-set to fail ab/upper body work out that is kicking my butt.

After 6 months of consistency on this I feel like I can actually tell how I have done it without the fear of being another weight-loss gained back tragedy.

So here are three hacks that I think will help you accomplish a goal of weight loss as well as keeping it off.

1.  Eat less.  I know that this seems so simple, but seriously I was eating about 4000 calories in an average day sometimes more.

2.  Eat more.  Often that is.  I eat about every 2 hours.  150-200 calories at 8am/10am/2pm/4pm/8pm and 300-400 at 12pm and 6pm for a total of somewhere around  1500-1800 calories.  When I was trying to loose weight I ate  on the same schedule but only 1000-1200  calories a day.

3.  Exercise less.  I used to try and run 5-8 miles when I would run.  It took way too much time (45-60 minutes) and hurt my body a lot.  As I talked to a physician friend of mine he reccomended 25 minutes of really blasting cardio 3 times a week.  So, I run on the treadmill, eliptical etc. for 25 minutes Mon/Wed/Fri.  To challenge myself I am trying to see how much I can run in 25 minutes.  When I started I could run about 2.75 miles in 25 minutes.  Last week I moved to running 3.8-3.9 miles in 25 minutes.  My next goal is 4 miles in 25 minutes.

4.  Excercise more.  If you want to take off the weight and replace with muscle for optimal success of keeping it off you have to weight train more.  I do not like weight training my nature, but I am really starting to see results in the way I feel (less back pain due to strong abs).  I also am finding it mush easier to keep off because of the muscle development.

I am no expert and you should certainly get a thorough check up before doing anything.  I did and it was great to get the advice of my doctor as well.

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