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10 ways to be creative – part nine

#9 – Don’t overlook the importance of a project manager.

2.  A project manager. Some of the best music in the world would never happen if there were not project managers in the world to make sure that everything fell into place.  As you plan anything in your teams make sure someone in the room is capable of wearing the project manager hat.

How many times have you had a great creative meeting only to leave the meeting realizing that with a room full of performers and creatives no one captured any notes, made any “next steps” or assigned any tasks or deadlines.  I have.  If you have not it’s just because you are a part of the crowd that does not even realize that those things exist.  That’s okay if it is not your strength.  Again, let the performers perform and the creatives create.  But also let the project managers lead.

Every Senior Pastor needs someone on their staff (volunteer or paid) with the responsibility of weekend project manager (title or no title).    You don’t need every body doing this – in fact that is even worse.  But you need to decide whose responsibility this is and then give them the permission to make things happen.

This post and this post alone could do AMAZING things for your creative process if you will embrace it.


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