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It’s 1:00 am and I am thinking about God’s Love and a 4-day old

It is about 1:00 am as I am writing this post and staring at my little 4 day old boy, Hayes Shawn Wood, as he sleeps.  I know sleep while they sleep, that is the problem I slept most of the day when he slept so now I am hanging out with him downstairs so his Mom can get some much needed sleep.

As I was watching him something dawned on me.  I love this little guy like nobody’s business.
Then I thought about how just 5 days ago I could not imagine loving anyone else with the fervor that I love his sister Isabelle.
In my mind I somehow thought that I have “x” amount of love and that any that Hayes would get would come from the love I have available – which is now directed at Isabelle.

But then I remembered that I did not love Connie less when we had Isabelle, in fact I loved her even more because she took on the role of Mommy.

And now the same holds true with Isabelle – I don’t love her less, I love her more.  She is now even more of a blessing and more of a reminder of God’s grace and favor in my life.

So what does this have to do with God?  I think I see a glimpse of the love that he has for me.  There is a parable in scripture about some workers who show up and get promised a wage and a job.  They are happy.
Then some other workers show up and get offered the same wage and job for less time worked.  They are happy.  The first set of workers are not.

I think that is a small picture of God’s love for his children.  Some have been around longer.  Following him longer.  Some have loved him back, others have not as much.  Some are brand-new and don’t even know what they have yet.

But somehow God always has more love and has the same degree of love for all of us.  He does not have to love you less to love me – it even seems like his love just increases all the more for all of us as the kingdom grows.

I am not sure what this means to you, but as I sit here and stare at my little boy I just imagine God is staring at us too.

I think he is in love with us like nobody’s business.


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