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This post is not about @loswhit

I hestitate to ever post things that I am inspired by through @replies on Twitter.
The temptation by most will be to assume that it is directed at that person.
So, I just want to say up front that this post is not about Mr. ragamuffin himself, @loswhit.
But it was inspired by what God convicted me of through my response to his tweet.

I am tired of trying to be cool.
Aren’t you?

I am man enough to admit that I would like to be cool.  I have always wanted to be.
Before Jesus saved me  in high school I tried, pretty unsuccsessfully to be cool.
After Jesus saved me I found that I redefined cool, but still really wanted to be cool.

So then last week @loswhit and I had a brief twittersation that went like this:

@loswhit : No More Graphic Tees Please. Please. No Seriously. Please.
@shawnwood: @loswhit don’t you have on a graphic tee in your twitter pic? Just sayin’
@loswhit : @shawnwood you ain’t lyin. Just like the good preacher says, “I’m talkin to me just as much as I’m talkin to you”

Now this was just what it looked like.  A fun conversation between two tweeps.  I know Carlos was just having fun and I was too.  But then it got me thinking about my actual first thought when I read Carlos’ tweet.

I am being vulnerable here, but I thought –

“Great, so now graphic tees are ‘out’ – I just started being ‘in’ and now I have to figure out what ‘in’ is again – *sigh*”.

Is that messed up or what?

What if I just be me.  Not a massed produced product of the new Christian ‘rockstar’ sub-culture that has been birthed in the last few decades but instead allowed God to use the precisely created odd, peculiar, random, not-cool guy that I am to show the world that you can be odd, peculiar, random, not-cool person that Jesus saves and live a life that honors him.

So, this will not surprise anyone but I confess: I am not cool.
I am pretty sure that I will not ever be.
Your probably are not cool either.
You probably never will be.

Ok.  So now that we got that out of the way one more confession:
80% of my wardrobe is from “The Gap”.  Yes.  That is how I roll.


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